7/3/2003 DairyPerformance.com web site launched
  DairyPerformance.com web site launched. (more...)
5/1/2003 AIM announces availability of www.milklab.net
  Ellensburg - AIM officials announced the release of the www.milklab.net web site today. This innovative service allows users to subscribe to an Internet based reporting system for receiving milk quality reports. Co-developed with Dairy Quality Control Institute, milk component data is automatically loaded from the testing laboratory to the web site and analyzed using statistical process control for any significant performance changes over time. (more...)
10/30/2003 News item
3/1/2003 AIM expected to release HDCM 1.2 on August 1, 2003
  Ellensburg - AIM President Dr. Mark Kinsel announced that AIM anticipated releasing its updated version (1.2) of the 100 Day Contract Manager on August 1, 2003. This release will feature a new user interface, a protocol builder to replace the "Scheduler", a Projected Calving module, and a Removal Analysis module.
7/1/2002 AIM moves corporate office to Ellensburg, Washington
  Ellensburg - Founder and President Mark Kinsel announced today that AIM had relocated its corporate office to Ellensburg, Washington effective today (July 1). Corporate headquarters will now be operated from 1551 Hanson Road, Ellensburg, Washington, overlooking the beautiful Kittitas Valley and Stuart Mountain range.
9/30/2002 AIM announces plans to merge DairyCHAMP with PCDART
  Ellensburg - Today, AIM announced tentative plans to merge the DairyCHAMP record management software with the PCDART record management system developed and marketed by Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS) of Raleigh, NC. Current DairyCHAMP customers will be initially offered a hybrid system that is PCDART with the DairyCHAMP command structure.
4/27/2001 AIM develops new process for on-farm data capture
  Nampa, ID -- AIM CEO and President Dr. Mark Kinsel announced today the development of a new service for AIM customers -- technology to design and maintain custom web-based data collection systems. This innovative technology allows data stored electronically on farms to be uploaded to a secure database on AIM's servers. This process enables allied industry companies to capture real time data about client performance as well as letting agricultural producers compare their performance to national and regional benchmarks. Systems use state-of-the-art technology such as statistical process control to track farm performance over time and flag performance that has significantly deviated from tolerance limits. Systems can also be designed to have automated feedback to agricultural producers and their designated consultants either through direct e-mail or links to custom designed web pages.
3/5/2001 AIM to have Raleigh, NC-based software company market and distribute software
  NAMPA, ID -- AIM and Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS), a dairy records software company based in Raleigh, NC, announced their intent for DRMS to become AIM’s exclusive agent for the marketing and distribution of the 100 Day Contract Manager software. Under the pending agreement, DRMS will market this software as both a stand-alone application and as a portion of DRMS’s PCDart7 dairy record system.
1/1/2001 AIM assumes operation of DairyCHAMP business
  ST. PAUL, MN-- AIM formally assumed the operation of the DairyCHAMP business from the University of Minnesota today. AIM also announced that Agricultural Computing and Consulting, a St. Paul-based software marketing and support firm, would manage the marketing and technical support for DairyCHAMP7 and DairyTQM, the two major products of the DairyCHAMP7 business.
11/14/2000 AIM signs agreement to acquire DairyCHAMP business
  ST. PAUL, MN -- AIM announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the DairyCHAMP buiness from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Farm Financial Management in St. Paul. Under the terms of the agreement, AIM will acquire the rights to market and develop the DairyCHAMP and DairyTQM software products from the University in exchange for royalties over a 10 year period. AIM further announced its intention to develop Windows-based versions of these software programs in the next 12 to 24 months.
8/31/2000 AIM submits USDA-SBIR proposal to redesign DairyORACLE software with University of Pennsylvania.
  NAMPA, ID – AIM announced submission of a USDA Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) proposal for funding to develop a revised version of its DairyORACLE software product in a collaborative effort with the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Animal Health and Productivity (CAHP). This Phase I grant would provide 6 months of funding to support enhancements to the existing software. Successful acquisition of these funds would also entitle AIM to request Phase II funding for implementing a commercial release of the enhanced software over the next 24 months.
1/4/2000 AIM initiates reproductive management software project with Pharmacia Company, Inc.
  NAMPA, ID – Today, AIM announced plans to develop a new reproductive management software program, the 100 Day Contract Manager, as part of Pharmacia’s new 100 Day Contract protocol for dairies. This 100 Day Contract protocol is a systematic approach to dairy management starting with cows 30 days prior to calving and lasting until 70 days after calving that focuses on maximizing the speed at which cows become pregnant after calving . The 100 Day Contract protocol is based on four components: a dry cow protocol, a fresh cow protocol, a breeding cow protocol, and an overall monitoring and evaluation program for the entire 100 day period. The 100 Day Contract Manager will assist with scheduling the fresh and breeding cow protocols as well as providing a standardized analysis package that can be used with any dairy record-keeping program.