Consulting Services Consulting services to agricultural enterprises are the services that Agricultural Information Management, Inc. was founded on. AIM continues to provide consulting services on computer use, performance assessment, problem investigation, and economic evaluation for agricultural enterprises.
Applied Research Applied research at Agricultural Information Management, Inc. falls into two general categories: 1) product testing on commercial dairies, and 2) economic evaluation of product and management intervention economics through computer simulation. This combination of product testing and computer simulation gives AIM unique research capabilities as results from a product testing project on a commercial dairy operation can be fed into the computer simulation to model economic consequences under field conditions.
DairySKILLS Training DairySKILLS is a new addition to the AIM’s list of services. This program focuses on providing training to dairy personnel regarding various aspects of dairy management. The program is designed to provide guided education through a series of workshops that can be taken over time. Participants can sign up for any workshop, but are encouraged to work toward certification over time in an area of specialization. The underlying principles of the DairySKILLS program is to focus on what SKILLS a participant should have after training and to provide support after the training to implement concepts learned. All materials used in the courses are made available to the participants on CD and the DairySKILLS program is designed to be a “system” for dairy management rather than just “training” with materials (such as forms and software) available for purchase from AIM.
Web-Based Data Collection System Design & Maintenance An exciting new concept at AIM is the design and maintenance of custom web-based data collection systems. This innovative technology allows data stored electronically on-farm to be uploaded to a secure database on AIM's servers. This process enables allied industry companies to capture real time data about client performance as well as letting clients compare their performance to national and regional benchmarks. Systems use state-of-the-art technology such as statistical process control to track client performance over time and flag performance that has significantly deviated from tolerance limits. Systems can also be designed to have automated feedback to participants and their designated consultants either through direct e-mail or links to custom designed web pages.