DairyCHAMP DairyCHAMP is a comprehensive software program designed for record keeping, herd management, and herd health monitoring for dairy farms. DairyCHAMP 3.0 is our newest version and provides many new features while retaining the best qualities of its predecessors. The current version was developed by the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota. In late 2000, the rights to the program were transferred to the AIM. Work is currently under way to develop DairyCHAMP for Windows. For more information on the latest version of this software, visit the DairyCHAMP website at www.dairychamp.net.
DairyTQM DairyTQM is a scaled-down version of DairyCHAMP designed for Total Quality Management (TQM). The main use of this program is to allow users to track pharmaceutical product use, inventories, and compliance with federal and state regulations.
DairyORACLE DairyORACLE is a computer simulation model developed for studying the impact of management interventions on dairy farms. DairyORACLE allows users to take current dairy performance and project the economic and logistical consequences of management changes or the use of new products. Due to the stochastic nature of the model, managers are not only provided the expected impact of a decision, but can also assess the risk associated with a given decision. Although currently a research tool only, work is underway for commercial releases of DairyORACLE and PigORACLE, a pork version, in the near future.
Pork / Dairy ROE Models The Pork ROE model project is a joint venture between Agricultural Information Management, Inc. and Farmwise Systems, Inc. through funding from the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). This software application generates financial performance measures from hog farm production and financial data and allows analysis of the economic outcomes associated with changes to hog farm management. The pork version will be commercially available summer of 2001 with a dairy version currently in development.
100 Day Contract Manager The 100 Day Contract Manager is a reproductive management software program developed as a joint venture with the Pharmacia corporation as part of Pharmacia’s 100 Day Contract protocol for dairies. This protocol is a systematic approach to dairy management starting with cows 30 days prior to calving and lasting until 70 days after calving that focuses on maximizing the speed at which cows become pregnant. The 100 Day Contract protocol is based on four components: a dry cow protocol, a fresh cow protocol, a breeding cow protocol, and an overall monitoring and evaluation program for the entire 100 Day period. The 100 Day Contract Manager assists with scheduling the fresh and breeding cow protocols as well as providing a standardized analysis package that can be used with any dairy record-keeping program. In addition, this on-farm software has data uploading capabilities through Pharmacia’s 100 Day Contract Club to allow users to compare their performance to colleagues on a national and regional basis.